Therapy Dog Testimonials

As part of Health Science 101 coursework, students can choose Hound Hugs and Kanine Kisses as a required wellness activity. Attending students share their personal experiences as part of the assignment. Below are some of those reflections:

"I have a German Shepherd Husky at home and seeing the German Shepherd brought a lot of mixed emotions. I was sad because I miss my dog but also happy because it was almost as if home came to me! This whole experience brought me joy and made me less homesick."

"Being around dogs reminds me of the important things in life. It reminds me that my GPA or grades do not define me or make me happy. Rather it is the relationships I have that give my life meaning and happiness."

"Some weeks it is easy to get really stressed and down on myself because I feel so overwhelmed. The dogs helped me forget about everything stressful and made me feel like everything was going to be okay no matter how difficult it could be. I sent this snapchat to my mom and she loved it!”  

“I took my children to Hound Hugs and Canine Kisses in the CSU. We do not have dogs at home and I thought it was a good opportunity to expose my children to different breeds of dogs. Being able to see my children pet and hug the dogs and receive kisses in return made me happy to see them experiencing such joy. I would definitely take them again and I am glad that they come to campus monthly.”

“I had been missing my dogs back at home and going to the CSU helped fulfill that connection that I knew was missing. After I went, I immediately felt happier, I could not stop smiling or even talking about stories of my dogs back at home. Even a couple days afterwards, I still felt happy. I was less stressed, I felt like I could think clearer, and I was able to actually think and come up with deeper concept of things.”

“This activity was also a good way to meet people! Because a lot of the times there are more people than dogs you share petting them and meet new people. I went with my roommate the second time and we both meet new people who we get lunch with now and then! The environment I was in was safe, peaceful, and welcoming so I had a really good time.”

“This dog therapy event I would say is definitely a good way to get your mind off of any other emotionally draining things in your life. Not just school but, friends, or even family stress. The dogs helped get your mind off of anything going on in your personal life taking a break from the emotional/stressful aspects of your life.”

“I decided to go to this event because I was actually having a super bad day. I was super stressed with homework and other things that I really wanted to go do something that would truly make me feel better. Already being a dog lover, I ran to the closest dog I could see. It was a little dog with light brown curly fur. The owner of the dog was so sweet and told me about the dog and made me love it so much more! I felt such a huge connection with all the dogs and felt as if I belonged.”

“Since I was a child, I always wanted a dog for many reasons but the main one was because they're a friend that is always there for you. And this wellness activity showed me this.”

“There was lots going on my mind such as work, school, and other outside relationships, so my head was hurting and my back was very tense. However, I noticed that once I got to the event and watched and pet the dogs, my headache had gone away and my back had slowly started to ease up, which was very nice!”