Infectious Diseases Information and Testing

The following information is the latest we have on COVID-19, Monkeypox, and Tuberculosis. Appointments can be scheduled with physicians and nurse practitioners.

COVID-19 Current Protocols

We are following MDH guidelines. We recommend isolation but know it isn’t possible in the residence halls anymore. If isolation isn’t possible, we stress the importance of wearing masks and washing hands.

Minnesota Dept. of Health (MDH) latest guidance information as of 8/14/23

Some key information within MDH's guidance

Shared housing and isolation Shared housing in IHE settings is considered a lower risk congregate setting due to lower risk of severe health outcomes (such as hospitalization and death) associated with young adults. Except for certain situations involving those at high risk of severe disease, IHE settings should follow the general population guidance for isolation at home

Isolation If a person has symptoms of, or tests positive for COVID-19, they should isolate for at least five days and wear a mask through day 10 when around others. Day zero is the day symptoms started or, if the person does not have symptoms, the day they got tested. CDC has testing criteria under which a person may be able to shorten the masking period.

Recommended services and accommodations for IHE students in isolation-All students in isolation ▪ Alternative modes of course instruction and accommodations, such as additional time to complete course work. Students in isolation while living on campus ▪ Access to a phone, meals, and laundry services. ▪ Supplies, such as a thermometer, masks, sanitizing wipes, tissues, soap, hand sanitizer, toiletries, and medications. ▪ Contact information for emergencies and for accessing medical resources on campus or in the community, including testing.

Exposure - A person exposed to someone with COVID-19 should wear a mask around others for 10 days and get tested on day six, with day zero being the day of exposure. Persons with a known exposure do not need to stay home unless symptoms develop or the test is positive

Monkeypox and Tuberculosis Information

Information and current statistics on Monkeypox (mpox) or Tuberculosis (TB), can be found on the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention webpage.  

Student Health Services Laboratory offers mpox and TB testing. If a student tests positivefor mpox or TB, the Blue Earth County Public Health Department will conduct contact tracing and outreach to those affected. Please call 507-389-6710 to speak with a nurse regarding any questions you may have, or call 507-389-6276 to make an appointment to be tested