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  • A Review of Stuttering Solved!: Definitive Solution For Speech Perfection Based On Natural Laws Discovered and Explained by Dr. Roman Snezhko - by Paul Goldstein (Vindenes, Norway added to Let the buyer avoid

  • Tribute to Bruce Ryan added to Remembering the Contributions of Those Who Have Passed On


  • Stuttering in Video Games added to Stuttering in the Popular Media

  • Schedule for Shady Trails 2014 Reunion

  • Fred Murray's notes of tribute to

  • Shady Trails Reunion 2014 Speech by David Field

  • Remmembering Those Who Have Passed Away: Shady Trailers - Deceased

  • Links established to


  • What Words Deserve by Victoria Benson Schutter added to People Who Stutter Speak For Themselves

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  • Dr. Van by Gerald and Maxine Johnson added to Hello World remembering Charles Van Riper

  • Added a post to How I've Been Teased about my Stuttering

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  • Added a post to What I Do Or Say When I Get Teased About My Speech

  • Added a new tribute to Remembering Scatman John Larkin

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  • Ironies of Stuttering: A Catch 22 Situation
  • Changing Habits and Learning to Cope with Feeling Weird
  • "Continuous Talking:" A Useful Technique to Enhance Verbal Skills
  • Dealing with Teasing
  • The King's Speech: Thoughts on the Importance of Courage
  • Hood's Hopefully Helpful Hints
  • Thoughts on Stuttering Frequency and Severity
  • Stuttering, Advertising and Telemarketers
  • Stuttering and the Tug-of-War: Good Guys and Bad Guys

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  • Information and Registration form for 2014 Shady Trails reunion (top of page).

  • Added Walk Away - a poem by John Karpinski to Creative Expression

  • Added Changes by John Karpinski

  • Added Stutter With Her by John Karpinski

  • Added another question and answer to Stuttering FAQ for Kids

  • Add another post to What I Do Or Say When I Get Teased About My Speech

  • 2014 Shady Trails reunion information

  • Links established to


  • Links established to


  • Added page of links to ASHA Convention handouts for 2013

  • Several resources on stuttering and autism added to Other related fluency disorders

  • Several resources on stuttering and Parkinson's disease added to Other related fluency disorders

  • Additional resources added to Stuttering and Suicide

  • New example added to Some Ways I Have Been Teased About My Stuttering

  • Pictures from Charles Sims added to Memories of Shady Trails

  • 1992 Building Survey of Shady Trails added to Memories of Shady Trails

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