Campus Resources

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Campus Hub
117 Centennial Student Union 


  • Questions about Financial Aid
  • Questions about Student Charges and Payments
  • Problems with their MavCard or need a new MavCard

Campus Computer Store
20 Centennial Student Union (lower level)

  • Computers, software and accessories sold at academic pricing

Career Development Center
209 Wigley Administration Center

  • Assistance in identifying a major
  • Resources to assist in looking for a part-time job
  • Help with preparing a resume or searching for a full-time or summer job/internship

Center for Academic Success
125 Memorial Library

  • Tutoring for mathematics, chemistry, biology, accounting, economics, or lower division general education courses
  • Assistance with editing/revising papers
  • Strategies for test taking, note taking, textbook reading
  • Additional academic support services

Counseling Center
285 Centennial Student Union

  • Someone to talk to confidentially regarding personal, social and educational concerns
  • Alcohol screening assessment
  • Services including short term counseling, crisis intervention, consultation, and referral

Kearney International Center
250 Centennial Student Union

  • Problems with immigration status or application process
  • Services specifically for International students

Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender Center
194 Centennial Student Union

  • Difficulties because of sexuality, sexual preference, sexual orientation, sexual identity or gender identity
  • Information or training on sexual orientation or lifestyle issues

Minnesota State Student Association
280 Centennial Student Union

  • Access to the student attorney
  • Assistance on a grade appeal
  • Help resolving a student concern

Multicultural Center
269 Centennial Student Union

  • Tutoring, mentoring, or counseling related to multicultural issues
  • Connections with others of similar ethnic background

New Student and Family Programs
103 Preska Residence Community

  • Orientation Services
  • First Year Transitional Issues
  • Accuplacer Testing/Course Placement
Office of Equal Opportunity & Title IX
014 Morris Hall
  • Submit a Title IX complaint, which includes sexual assault, sexual harassment, stalking, and/or relationship violence.
  • Submit a complaint of discrimination and/or harassment based upon a protected class.
  • Discuss concerns regarding Title IX, discrimination or harassment based upon a protected class.

Registration and Academic Records
132 Wigley Administration
507-389-2252 – Help Desk

  • Forgotten PIN number
  • A Degree Audit Report (DARS)
  • Questions about residency or enrollment verification

Residential Life
111 Carkoski Commons

  • Roommate or adjustment issues
  • Questions about housing or food service contracts

222 Wiecking Center

  • Any time they need to contact the police or have a medical emergency 24 hours a day/7days a week
  • Campus lost and found

Student Activities
173 Centennial Student Union

  • Ways to get involved on campus or learn what student organizations are available
  • Locating off campus housing
  • Finding a ride share home
  • Nontraditional or parenting resources and connections

Student Health Services
21 Carkoski Commons
507-389-6276 - Medical Clinic
507-389-5689 - Health Education

  • Anything that requires medical (chronic, acute or preventative) care
  • Prescriptions they need filled or over the counter medications
  • Blood drawn or lab tests done
  • Time to speak to a nutritionist, someone about drugs/alcohol, or any other health education issue
  • Scheduling a health-related workshop
  • Orientation Presentation

Student Support Services
355 Wiecking Center

  • Individualized services if neither parent has recieved a bachelors degree
  • Individualized services if they are a student with disabilites
  • Individualized services if they are a student with a qualifiying low income

Women's Center
218 Centennial Student Union

  • Referrals to advocacy for sexual assault and harassment
  • Information, referrals and support on women's issues
  • Non-therapeutic help for woman students

Veterans Resource Center
167 Centennial Student Union

  • Military veteran education benefits assistance, post-deployment transition issues, or a place to connect with other veterans.

If you still have questions, please visit our Family Connections page to find an answer.