Transferology provides information on how your courses might transfer here.
Transferology shows information on colleges and universities, but also AP, CLEP, and IB credit. Information is available from over 400 institutions in 39 states!

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Please remember to talk to your academic advisor about your transfer credits if you have any questions. If you need help transferring credits here, connect with Registration and Academic Records via OneStop.

How do I use Transferology?

  • Create a free account, then choose a path. Select "Will My Courses Transfer" to see how your courses will transfer. Add your courses, click "Search for Matches," and view the results. You can also use "Find a Replacement Course" to find courses you could take at other schools to transfer back to Minnesota State University, Mankato.

Can Transferology show me exactly how my courses will transfer?

Why does the result end it T**?

  • This likely means there is not an exact match for this transfer course, but that does not mean you will not receive any credit. Your transfer work will be reviewed by Minnesota State University, Mankato, and your academic advisor to determine if credit can be applied to specific program requirements.

What other information can I see in Transferology?

  • Transferology lists direct course equivalents, but also credit you will receive in goal areas and upper division credit, if applicable. Hover over the results for details.

What does a "Maybe" result mean?

  • This means the academic department will review those courses and see how they transfer. Those courses haven't been reviewed yet, so the information is not in Transferology.

Step by step guide on checking for matching courses

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