Course Request, Deletion, and Updates

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Course Access

Courses and enrollments are automatically added in near real-time.

Request for merged/grouped Courses

Log into the Brightspace Courses self-service tool to merge/group multiple sections together into a single course:

Request MergeD courses

Why would I merge/group courses?

Course Purge/Deletion Process

Key points of the course deletion process:

  • All courses are retained for at least 5 years.
  • All courses are considered for deletion including semester, QM, development, training, etc... if the course is in D2L Brightspace, it is considered for deletion.
  • Avoid course deletion by copying from or clicking into/accessing the courses you wish keep at least every 2 years.
  • Back up your courses: Export after each semester/new design.
  • Learn more about course deletion in this MinnState support article.

How do I prevent course deletion?

Log course activity at least once every 2 years to prevent inactivation and deletion. Course activity includes:

  • Access to the course by a Teacher or Student,
  • Copy components from the course.
  • Note: Access by a Teacher's Assistant or Administrator is not considered activity.

How do I save my course materials outside of D2L Brightspace?

Export and save your materials after each semester/new design as a back-up. Learn how to export and save your course materials and gradebooks:

Save/Export Your Course Materials

Share your course materials

When is D2L Brightspace Updated?

D2L Brightspace is updated on a monthly basis to improve features and functionality. Updates are applied in real time, there is no down time for updates.

Read the detailed release notes on the system support site to learn about each months' update.

Note: You may be prompted to login in with your credentials to access this site.

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