Orientation Registration Questions

Can I register for orientation by phone?

You must register for orientation online after receiving the orientation invitation message emailed to you.  We do not take reservations or payments by phone.  However, once you are registered for a program we are able to assist you with changes by phone.

Do I need to confirm my enrollment before registering for Orientation?

Yes, all students must confirm their enrollment to the university in order to register for orientation.  After confirming your enrollment it may take up to 24 hours before you can register for orientation.  You can do that by visiting the enrollment confirmation page.  

All the dates listed on the website are not listed when I log in to the orientation registration system. Why?

If a date is not visible in the online registration system, it means that the date is full and you should choose another available date.

Is it best to attend an earlier Orientation session?

How do I change my orientation date?

If you need assistance in changing your orientation date, please contact the New Student and Family Programs Office at 507-389-5498.

How do I cancel my orientation date?

Orientation reservations may be canceled by phone (507-389-5498) until five (5) business days prior to your scheduled orientation session date.  Students will receive a partial refund of 50% of the fee of the student orientation.  Those who do not give five business days’ notice, or do not show up, will be charged the entire program fee.

I didn’t receive a confirmation email for my orientation date, how do I know I am registered for the program?

All confirmation emails are sent from an automated email account to the student email address on file at the university. Please check your junk/spam folder, as the email may have been sent to that folder. You may also contact the Office of New Student and Family Programs at 507-389-5498 to resend your confirmation email, please have your Tech ID when you call in for assistance.

I am on active duty in the military and am not able to attend any of the listed orientation dates, what should I do?

Military personnel currently serving on active duty are able to complete an online orientation program. Please contact the Office of New Student and Family Programs at 507-389-5498 for assistance in accessing the online orientation program, if needed.