​Understanding the accommodation process

Accessibility Resources (AR) works with students with documented disabilities and their instructors to provide reasonable accommodations, auxiliary aids, and support services that are based upon documentation, functional limitations, and a collaborative assessment of needs. Instructors are involved in a myriad of ways, i.e. assisting students in arranging for note takers, helping to facilitate the exam taking process, and providing textbook information early so students are able to receive alternative media at the start of the semester. Clearly, students, AR staff, and faculty need to work together to ensure access to the classroom and learning.

​Alternative Testing Accommodation

Learn more here about the alternative testing accommodation for eligible students with disabilities.

​Alternate Format Textbooks

Students with print disabilities (e.g. vision loss or learning disabilities) often require digital textbooks to access the content. This page describes a professor's responsibility in support to students needing alternative media accommodation.

Peer Notetakers and Audio Recording

Access to course notes is critical to learning. We encourage professors to post notes and/or ppt's online so content is universally available to all students. These pages describe the process of supporting students who are eligible for the accommodation of peer note takers or audio technology.

Captioning and Academic Technology

Faculty and Staff should contact Academic Technology Services in IT as they provide accessibility consulting for online instruction and media captioning support. This page describes the captioning process and how to reach this department.

​Sign Language Interpreting and Transcription

Faculty or staff may be required to communicate with someone who is deaf. The accommodation of sign language interpreting and transcription is typically used for those who are deaf or hard of hearing. These pages explain well what to expect.

Seizure Disorders

How to respond if you have a student with a seizure disorder in your class with health concerns.