Honors Learning Community

The Honors program focuses on developing competencies in leadership, research, scholarly and creative activity, and intercultural engagement. While participating in this learning community, students in the Honors Program will be challenged through their coursework and out of class experiences. Students will be able to create meaningful connections with faculty, staff, and other Honors students.

Fall Course

As a part of the learning community, you will participate in the following: 

  • Introduction to Honors (1 credit)
  • Honors Colloquium: Wealth Gap (1 credit)

Spring Course

As a part of the learning community, you will participate in a special Honors Program Colloquium experience by enrolling in:

  • Honors Colloquium: Community in the 21st Century

Where you'll live

Honors Launch Learning Community students are required to live in the Learning Community housing in Preska I Hall (renovated double room). 

  • Renovated rooms have in-room air-conditioning and share a community bathroom with the floor.

If you have extenuating circumstances and would like to join the learning community and not live on the floor, please contact learning.communities@mnsu.edu

Meet the Faculty

Be sure to contact the professional staff of the Honors Program at 507-389-5191 for Honors Program Application information or visit https://www.mnsu.edu/honors
Acceptance in the Honors Learning Community requires acceptance into the Honors Program.

Dr. Leah White

Learning Community Coordinator


Meet the Honors Launch Learning Community Coordinator.