Nursing Learning Community

If you are planning to pursue a degree in nursing, consider joining one of the nursing learning communities! The nursing learning communities will help you to develop a solid foundation in the prerequisite and foundational courses in this challenging and competitive major. You will get the chance to meet faculty and staff who can help guide you on your path to pursuing a nursing major. You will also get the chance to enhance your academic skills while learning about career options within the field.

Note: There are two (2) different nursing learning communities and the variation is the order Human Anatomy and Chemistry are taken.  Students will be placed in the community that is a better fit based on high school chemistry courses.

General Information

It is highly recommended that you take college-preparatory biology and chemistry classes in high school (or CHEM 106) in order to prepare yourself for the challenging courses in the nursing program.

Semester of registration for the courses listed depends on Learning Community  assigned based on Math ACT (Chemistry first semester or Anatomy first semester)


(Enrollment in all learning community sections of courses is required unless college credit is already earned for the course, or an academic advisor recommends changes):

  • BIOL 220: Human Anatomy
  • CHEM 111: Chemistry of Life Process Part II (Organic and Biochemistry)
  • FYEX 100: First Year Seminar
  • STAT 154: Elementary Statistics
  • PSYC 101: Introduction to Psychological Science

Where you'll live

We encourage you to live on campus with others in your Learning Community because that's where much of your networking takes place, but it is not required.

You can choose to live:

  • In designated Learning Community housing
    • Renovated double rooms located in Crawford A, B, D, McElroy E, F, H or Preska I Halls.  Renovated rooms have in-room air-conditioning and share a community bathroom with the floor.
    • You can choose to have another Learning Community student assigned as your roommate, or you may choose your own.
  • Other on-campus housing
    • It will be your responsibility to choose a housing location after the time-slot provided to you by Residential Life.
  • Off-campus


Meet the Faculty

Ms. Kasi Johnson
School of Nursing

Learning Community Coordinator

Nursing Anatomy

Meet the Anatomy of Nursing Learning Community Coordinator.

Nursing Elements

Meet the Elements of Nursing Learning Community Coordinator.


Meet the Nursing Learning Community Coordinator.