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Future Students: Admissions & Aid

Future Students: Admissions & Aid

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Welcome to Minnesota State University, Mankato where you can stand out. You will find information for undergraduate students, transfer students, and international students. Your big ideas can become reality at Minnesota State Mankato.

Residency and Reciprocity

Residency and Reciprocity

Tuition rates are based upon your residency status. A Minnesota resident pays a certain amount for tuition, while a non-Minnesota resident pays a different amount.

Transfer of Credit

Transfer of Credit

It is University policy to accept all US Department of Education and regionally accredited institution credits that meets its minimum criteria. These transfer credits will assist students upon acceptance to our University to register for courses that will meet their overall graduation requirements.

Attending Multiple Schools

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The following forms can be viewed, printed out, filled in then submitted to the appropriate office indicated on the form.

Registration and Academic Records Staff

Registration and Academic Records encompasses a wide variety of roles. Our staff is here to help.