Refer-A-Friend Scholarship

Effective March 1, 2021 

Current F-1 international students may refer a new prospective F-1 undergraduate or F-1 Intensive English Program student to enroll at Minnesota State Mankato and receive additional scholarship funding. Upon the prospective student’s enrollment at Minnesota State Mankato, both the current and new student will receive a scholarship for $500 

How to Apply

To apply, please fill out and submit the application through the electronic form. Applications that are incomplete will not be considered for the scholarship program. 

Eligibility and Rules for Student Referrer (Current Student)

Student referrer must initiate the scholarship process, by completing the electronic form provided by the Kearney International Center. 

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  1. Current student must be enrolled full-time and in Mankato as an undergraduate or Intensive English Program student at Minnesota State Mankato full-time during the semester the scholarship is granted.  
  2. Current student referrer will only receive scholarship funds if the referred prospective student enrolls at Minnesota State Mankato.  
  3. If the referring student refers more than one prospective student, the referrer may receive one (1) $500 scholarship for each referred student who enrolls full-time at Minnesota State Mankato (up to 5 referrals). For example, if a student refers three prospective students and two of those students enroll, the referrer would be eligible for $1000 in scholarship funding.
  4. Current student must complete the electronic application form before the prospective student completes their application process.  
  5. Referrer will not receive scholarship funds if the referred student(s) does not/do not meet the scholarship rules and policies. 

Eligibility and Rules for Referred Student (New Student) 

  1. Referred student must be a new prospect to Minnesota State Mankato. If any part of a prospective student’s application and documentation was completed before March 1, 2021, OR if they have a deferred application, they do not qualify as a new prospect.  
  2. Referred student will only receive the scholarship if they enroll as a full-time undergraduate or Intensive English Program student at Minnesota State Mankato.
  3. Each referred student is only eligible for one (1) scholarship of $500 (in addition to the IMS) regardless of the number of student referrals received for the new, prospective student.  
  4. Referred students working with an MNSU-contracted agent are not eligible for the Refer A Friend Scholarship.

If changes are made to the above conditions, new guidelines will be published. 

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