What is Flip?

Flipgrid logoFlip is a video discussion tool that encourages engagement and community in your class. Instructors can create discussion topics that include video and text material. Students can respond using text or video. Fun filters add personality into the videos. Students can see and hear one another and respond to discussions asynchronously.

Flip Offers:

  • Video discussions
  • Text-based options
  • Fun and engaging video filters 
  • Pre-built modules from museums, other educators, and more
  • Metadata to help you assess participation

How Could I Use Flip?

Flip adds a visual asynchronous component to online classes:

  • Icebreakers: Start your class with an introductory icebreaker discussion. Use one or more icebreaker activities to encourage a sense of community in the course from the beginning.
  • Reflections: Traditionally students complete written reflections but Flip could be used to collect thoughts, feedback, and ideas for a number of classroom activities - from final class reflections to thoughts on an invited speaker.
  • Flip on the go: Flip offers mobile apps for teachers and students making it easier to record and post videos for a variety of learning activities.

Helpful Links

Find Flip

  1. Navigate to https://info.flip.com/ on any web browser.
  2. Click on the Educator Login button in the top right corner.
  3. Click the Microsoft Login button.
  4. Enter your StarID@minnstate.edu (faculty/staff).

Note: Help your Students use Flip with this helpful article.


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