What is Microsoft OneDrive?

Microsoft OneDrive logoMicrosoft OneDrive is an online storage (cloud) service in which you can have private folders and shared folders. Think of OneDrive as a new generation of MavDISK. Faculty, staff, and students automatically all have cloud-based storage space on OneDrive. You can also set up OneDrive Files On-Demand to sync your laptop documents automatically as a back-up to your hard drive.

OneDrive and Collaboration

You can share and collaborate with others (even outside of Minnesota State, Mankato) and access these files from any device using Office 365. You can share documents by adding collaborators or by sharing a link to the document.

Students can collaboratively work on online documents in Word, PowerPoint, Excel and more.

Helpful Links

View the Learning OneDrive Course on LinkedIn Learning

Find Microsoft OneDrive

  1. Login to your MavMail account on any web browser with your Star ID credentials.
  2. Click the waffle icon in the top right corner.
  3. Locate OneDrive from the drop down.

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