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  • Notes and Appointment Summaries in MavCONNECT
    • Notes and Appointment Summaries are two ways to document interactions campus partners have with students. There is a difference between the two features, and it is important to consider when to use what tool.

      A Note is a mechanism to jot down information about a student, collaborate across Care Units, and create a record of information provided directly to the student. These are more ad-hoc and are not tied to specific appointments, nor are they formatted specifically for individual Care Units. Additional information about the Note feature is available here. 

      An Appointment Summary lets you document information about a specific student appointment, whether the appointment was scheduled, a drop-in, or the student was a no-show. Access to Appointment Summaries can be limited to your specific Care Unit and are based on your user role permissions. It is important to document topics discussed during appointments in Appointment Summaries and not as Notes. Additional information about the Appointment Summary feature is available here. 

  • Note Guidelines/Best Practices
  • Completing an Early Alert or Mid-Semester Progress Report Survey
  • Raising Ad-Hoc Alerts, Referrals and Kudos
  • Viewing Student Flags/Kudos
  • Current Categories available in Advanced Search screen
  • Messaging Campaigns