Term Grades

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The Office of the Registrar processes all grade transactions at the University. The largest grade transaction takes place at the end of each term when grades from all semester classes are entered into the student records system. Grades are entered by instructors using the MnSCU Real Time Web Grading system.


The Web Grading system has the following capabilities:


  • Grades are now POSTED by instructors rather than just entered.
  • This means that as soon as instructors enter/post their grades, they are placed into the records system and are visible to students and appear on transcripts.

  • The actual grade entry has been simplified using drop-down fields.
  • These fields only display the possible appropriate grades, based upon the student's grading method in the course.

  • The days when grades may be posted are now based upon the course rather than the term.
  • Posting grades begins seven calendar days prior to the last official day of the course and ends four business days after the last day of the term.

  • There is now built-in functionality for reporting the Last Date of Attendance (LDA).
  • This feature is used for dealing with situations in which students register for a class, but then either never attend or stop attending after some point in the term. In such instances, students' various forms of financial aid may be affected. The University is legally required to collect and process LDA information for such purposes.

  • More information concerning enrollments, grades entered, and the date when posting can begin is provided on the screens.
  • This should make it easier to determine if all necessary grades have been posted and when to begin.

  • Grade rosters can be viewed and printed at any time.
  • All students appear in one listing regardless of the class size or whether the students have grades yet or not.

  • There is now a capability called “drafting” of grades.
  • Saving draft grades for students makes it possible for an instructor to enter grades beginning the fifth calendar day after the first official day of the course--this can continue throughout the rest of the course. HOWEVER, these are NOT posted grades. An instructor would still need to post the grades at the appropriate time in order for them to actually become part of a student's record. This may fit some situations, but there is NO NEED to draft grades.

At this point in time, there is no process for exporting grades from D2L directly into the records system.



Probably the biggest change to get used to is understanding when grades can be posted. Previously, there was a single time period for entering grades. Under the new system, this is no longer the case. Each course has its own time period when grades may be posted. It begins seven calendar days before the last official day of the course and ends four business days after the last day of the term.

For example, if the official last day of a course is Wednesday, May 4, 2011, posting of grades for this course begins on Wednesday, April 27, 2011. If the last day of the term is Friday, May 6, 2011, the last day that grades could be posted would be Thursday, May 12, 2011.

If an instructor teaches four courses, it is possible that each one could have a different date when posting could begin--they would all have the same ending date for posting.

Thus, full-term courses will all have their posting dates begin within the week prior to finals week (i.e., the next to the last week of the term). While short courses may have their grades entered far earlier.

Since the grading window is now dependent upon the course itself (it's official ending date), to take advantage of being able to enter grades earlier for short courses, it may be slightly confusing to know exactly when the window is open. The easiest way of finding this information is to sign into E-services and select Class Management -> Grade Entry. You can then press GO for any course and it will display the date that posting of grades for that course begins.



It is not necessary to enter all the grades for a course at one time. You can post grades for some of the students and come back at a later time to post the grades for the others.


MnSCU has implemented a 20 minute timeout period for entering grades.

That is, during grade entry for a course, if no grades are posted during a 20 minute period, the program will "disconnect" you. The screens will not appear any different at the time, but when you attempt to post the grades you will be sent to a MnSCU login page and the grades you had been entering (those since your last posting for the course) will be lost. The key is to keep track of the length of time since your last posting for a class and to post multiple times, if need be.


It is important to note that once you have posted grades, you will not be able to re-enter them in order to change a grade. Changes to grades that you have posted need to be made by turning in Change of Grade forms to the Office of the Registrar.


More information concerning a course (beginning and ending dates, number of students, etc.) can be found by clicking on the title of the course that appears on the screen showing all courses taught for the term. Doing so will display the following screen.


course info screen


Step by step information on entering grades can be found HERE.


The University policy on grading, containing detailed information (including the point structure of shaded grades), can be found in this [PDF] Academic Affairs policy (182 KiB).

Questions concerning term grades should be directed to

Records and Grades

room:  WA 132; phone:  389-2577