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Registration is the process of enrolling in courses for a term and possibly making adjustments (adding, dropping, withdrawing, changing grading method) to that schedule of classes.

Registration for classes is done via the web by securely logging into the Minnesota State web system ( using a tech ID and a PIN or tech ID password.


login page

Once logged in, a menu on the
left side of the screen details
what can be done.                           Selecting Courses & Registration:

main menu

registration menu





These options provide the means for students to find courses they wish to take, enroll in those courses, and modify their schedule at a later time.









For any given term the same basic pattern is followed:

  • Registration begins in roughly the middle of the previous term and continues through the fifth day of the term being enrolled in.
  • At the beginning of the registration period, the times when students can begin to enroll ("windows") are controlled and based upon their earned credit total. Summer term registration does not utilize windows.
  • Students can use the web to add, drop, and change the grading method of classes through the fifth day of the term.
  • Dropping Courses
  • After the fifth day of the term:
    • students can no longer add courses via the web
    • course drops are considered withdrawals
      • students are no longer enrolled in the course, but the course is still a part of their record having a grade of "W" to signify that it was a withdrawal
      • the course does count insofar as being attempted is concerned and does affect a student's completion rate
      • withdrawals via the web can be done through roughly the twelfth week of a term
    • grading method changes can still be done via the web through the tenth day of the term
  • Adjustments to student schedules after the above times are considered appeals and need to be handled through the Registration Help Center.
  • Official Withdrawal (dropping all courses for a term) can be done through roughly the fourteenth week of a term and is accomplished by contacting Student Financial Services

While registering for classes students may often find that they are not able to enroll in some classes on their first attempt. There are many different reasons for this (classes filled, prerequisites needed, instructor permission required, etc.) and the registration system gives that information to students on their unsuccessful attempts. The solutions, in most cases, to these problems normally involve contacting the instructor/department of the course. If the situation has been resolved favorably, the student then logs into the registration system and again attempts to enroll in the course--hopefully being successful.

It is important to note that instructors do not register students for classes. Instructors can make it possible for students to enroll themselves in classes.

Questions concerning registration problems should be directed to

the Registration Help Center

room:  WA 132; phone:  389-2252