Students requesting notetaking services must have supporting documentation on file in Accessibility Resources. Once documentation is received, the student should set up a meeting to establish an academic accommodation plan by contacting or 507-389-2825.

Process for Requesting a Peer Notetaker

  1. After setting up your accommodations with Accessibility Resources staff, log into your MavAccess account to request a peer notetaker for the class(es) you need.
  2. Accessibility Resources (AR) staff will attempt to find a peer notetaker in collaboration with the professor. The professor will announce the need for a notetaker each class period until the request is fulfilled. The notetaking process is confidential, and the identity of the student requesting the notes will remain confidential.
    • The student needing notetaking services must inform Accessibility Resources staff if an announcement is not made in their class.
    • Notes will be provided via MavAccess.
  3. Notetaking services are NOT a substitute for class attendance. You must attend class, take notes, collect handouts, and participate in discussions.
  4. Students receiving notetaking services must inform Accessibility Resources if they drop a class or if they have concerns with the adequacy of the service.

Information for Peer Notetakers

Process for Requesting Notetaking Software

Glean is a tool that allows you to not only audio record lectures in class or on your computer for an online course, but also allows you to take online notes and comments at the same time, or highlight essential points you want to go back to review.

To request the use of this tool, or if you would like to meet to discuss how to use Glean, contact the Accessibility Resources office at

How to Use Glean