Text In Alternate Format

Alternate Format

An alternate format text accommodation supports students who need reading assistance. Students with a qualifying disability can receive books in an a format that best supports their learning (electronic, Braille, large print, audiobook, etc.)


Accessibility Resources at Minnesota State University, Mankato offers students a free license of Read&Write, a reading and writing software. Read&Write will read text aloud on a computer and has built-in highlighting, study tools, and writing support.

More information on downloading and using Read&Write

Where to Find Accessible Books

Here are a few places to buy accessible, electronic versions of books. Accessibility Resources does not endorse any of these services, and is only providing links to these services for your information.

  • Bookstore in the CSU - Many ebooks are sold by the publisher and already accessible. Alternate formats of ebooks (bought or rented) can be requested from Accessibility Resources for qualifying students.
  • Accessibility Resources - Contact Accessibility Resources at ar@mnsu.edu if you are already receiving Alt Format accommodations.
  • Cengage Unlimited - Service providing ebooks published by Cengage
  • VitalSource - Online ebook store
  • Bookshare - Free Online Accessible Library (contact Accessibility Resources for details)
  • Amazon - The Amazon Kindle bookstore has rentals and purchasing available.
  • Apple Books - The Apple Books app has rentals and purchasing available.

Alternative Text

  1. Students who have supporting documentation in Accessibility Resources can request books, articles, and other readings in an Alternate Format.
  2. Students who qualify must fill out the form on the MavAccess portal: MavAccess
  3. If possible, submit your request(s) at least three weeks before the beginning of the semester or as soon as possible.
  4. Proof of purchase must be provided before digital files are provided. You can upload scans or photos of receipts to MavAccess. Students can show receipts or proof of purchase for textbooks to Accessibility Resources staff. (Note: students can request alternate formats before purchasing the book).
  5. Students will receive a notification email when the digital files are available, which will include instructions for downloading them.

Textbook Look-Up Tool: You can look up your textbooks on the Minnesota State University, Mankato Official Bookstore website. This information can also be found on MavAccess.