Collection Referral

Payment Arrangements and Disputes Contact

Students with unpaid balances as of the close of the semester are encouraged to contact the Accounts Receivable Director and/or Cashiers Office to discuss acceptable payment arrangements or if there is a dispute over the validity of the debt to determine if the matter can be resolved before referral to a collection agency.

Referral for Collection

Unpaid account balances remaining at the close of the semester are subject to referral for collection to Minnesota Department of Revenue, as outlined within Minnesota State Procedure 7.6.2 and required by Minnesota Statute MS 16D.04 subd. 2.

Collection Fees

If a student account is referred to the Minnesota Department of Revenue, collection fees will be added to your account as allowable under Minnesota Statue, section 16D.11. Collection agencies are authorized by Minnesota law to take the following actions to collect your debt.

  • Obtain a judgment against you
  • Garnish your wages
  • Levy your bank account
  • Issue subpoenas
  • Seize your property
  • Offset your state tax refund, lottery winnings, or vendor payment
  • Revoke or deny renewal of a professional license you may have
  • Report account status to credit bureaus
  • Refer your debt to a private collection agency which can add up to 40% in collection fees

Enrollment and Transcript Consequences

In addition, if a student account is referred to a collection agency, the student is not eligible to enroll in a future semester at Minnesota State University, Mankato or receive transcripts until the debt is fully satisfied including all collection fees. The holds restricting these privileges are coordinated through the University Cashiers.