Work-Study Payment Plan

Most financial aid can be applied to student account charges at the beginning of the semester, before the published tuition due date. Work-study is not applied directly to student account charges like other types of financial aid because a work-study award is earned by the student throughout the semester.

Once the student begins working for the hiring department under a work-study employment contract, the hours worked are reported on Student eTime. Each pay period, net earnings are paid directly to the student by direct deposit or check.

The student may use the money earned to help pay the semester’s bill or to cover other out-of-pocket living expenses such as rent, groceries, transportation, etc. In all cases the student must initiate the desired payments to the University or others for these expenses.

If using work-study to pay the semester’s bill with the University, the student still needs to meet the financial timelines. If the expected amount of earnings by the published due date will not be enough to pay in full, the student may request to set up a work-study payment plan.

  • To set up a work-study payment plan, please complete the form below after the third week of the semester.

  • You will be asked to provide information about your earnings from the first pay period of the semester and your future work schedule
  • Plans are based on the ability to pay the balance in full with future work-study earnings by the end of the semester
  • The work-study payment plan must be requested before the student’s account becomes past due
  • Students who meet the terms of an established work-study payment plan are protected from past due account penalties 
    • The $50 late fee will not be assessed

Please contact the Cashiers Office for information and assistance.