Late Fees

Semester Due Date

The Semester Due Date each semester is the 25th business day of the term which requires one of the following:

Past Due Account Balances

Unpaid account balances will be reviewed three weeks after the Semester Due Date. These balances are considered past due. Accounts with remaining balances of $100 or more not covered by a Nelnet/FACTS payment plan will be subject to a $50 late fee. Pending financial aid payments after this date will not qualify for a dismissal of the late fee. Additional penalties that may be incurred at this time include Unpaid Balance Hold.

If you have extenuating circumstances that you would like considered to appeal the late fee, please contact the Campus Hub to complete a late fee appeal form.

Retroactive Registrations

Approved Registration Appeals may result in additional charges for tuition & fees at the current rates as well as a $50 late fee. Please contact the Campus Hub with any questions you may have as a result of the changes.