Automatic Monthly Payment Plans

Automatic payment plans serviced by Nelnet Business Solutions (NBS) are offered as a convenient option to schedule authorized payments to the University and ensure your student account is paid in full each semester through affordable monthly payments. A Nelnet/FACTS Payment Plan is not a loan; therefore you have no debt, there are no interest or finance charges assessed and there is no credit check.

Payments may be set up as recurring savings or checking account withdrawals or as credit/debit card payments. Check with your bank before setting up a debit card payment to prevent issues due to daily transaction limits that may be in place.

Nelnet/FACTS Payment Plans cover one semester at a time, giving you the flexibility to enroll only when it suits your need. A $34 per semester nonrefundable enrollment fee will be automatically deducted from your account within 14 days of your agreement being posted to the system. A full payment option is available at no cost. Note that the full payment under that option as well as the required down payment for other plans is immediately deducted.

View current and future semester payment plan enrollment dates and other information provided by NBS.

To enroll:

  • Log into E-services
  • On the left hand navigation menu select ‘Bills and Payments’
  • Click on ‘Nelnet/FACTS Payment Plan’
  • Eligible terms for payment plan enrollment/plan management are listed as options to select from
  • Select the term you wish to enroll or manage

If the charges for your registered courses have been posted to your student account you will see this amount when setting up your contract. You can adjust the total contract amount based on what you estimate to be your personal responsibility to pay for that semester. If the plan you select has scheduled payments before the start of the semester, your monthly payments will be determined by dividing the established contract amount by the number of monthly payments. If you need to make an adjustment to your contract amount, contact Nelnet Business Solutions at 800-609-8056.

Once enrolled, scheduled payments are automatically processed on the 5th of each month according to your selected plan. If the payment on the 5th of the month is not successful, it will be reattempted on the 20th of the month. Any time a payment is returned, you will receive notification on how the returned payment will be handled. Your agreement will be processed until the balance owed is paid in full. A $30 fee is assessed by NBS for each missed or returned payment and your financial institution may also assess a fee. Returned payment fees are automatically deducted from the account you have provided. We will reattempt to collect any fees charged for missed or returned payments. Missed payment fees are payable to Nelnet Business Solutions.

Be aware the University will upload your actual current balance after financial aid processing has commenced for the semester which may result in a change to your future monthly payments. Your actual balance will be divided into the remaining scheduled monthly payments to ensure your account is paid in full with your final contract payment. You will be notified of changes with time to review whether the adjustment to your future monthly payments is still manageable; if the change creates an unanticipated hardship you may terminate your plan before the next payment is processed.

Please monitor your University account balance as well as your Nelnet/FACTS payment plan balance periodically to keep track of changes. You may contact Nelnet Business Solutions at 800-609-8056 or the University Cashiers for information and assistance.

Enrollment fees and returned payment fees are subject to change in future academic years or semesters. Interest earned on all custodial funds held by Nelnet Business Solutions is payable to Nelnet Business Solutions.