Student Rights and Responsibilities

Students have the right to:

  • know what financial assistance is available, including all federal, state, and institutional aid programs and what policies or regulations govern these programs;
  • obtain information regarding student loan indebtedness, repayment obligations and options, and a projected repayment schedule;
  • know how their financial need is determined, including the determination and amount of the expected family contribution;
  • apply for additional assistance when increased financial need can be demonstrated and funds are available; appeal a decision regarding financial aid eligibility to the financial aid administrative staff in Student Financial Services;
  • expect and receive complete confidentiality regarding financial aid awarded and the use of the application data;
  • report any significant loss or reduction in their financial situation to Student Financial Services.

Students have the responsibility to:

  • complete all application forms accurately and thoroughly;
  • know and comply with enrollment requirements related to financial aid eligibility: students must be enrolled at least half-time to be considered for most programs, but should be aware that some programs require full-time enrollment (see specific program descriptions for more information);
  • refer to University notifications regarding the financial aid disbursement schedule;
  • know and comply with priority dates for application of aid;
  • know and comply with the University’s refund procedures as detailed on our Web site;
  • read and understand all information sent to them and all forms they are asked to sign, and keep copies for their records;
  • accept responsibility for all agreements signed;
  • use funds awarded solely for educational expenses incurred while attending Minnesota State University, Mankato;
  • repay all educational loans according to the repayment provisions agreed upon at the time the loan was accepted and the promissory note signed;
  • return in a timely manner all corrections, additional information, or documentation requested by Student Financial Services or the agency to which they submitted their application;
  • report any educational benefits, loans, grants, or scholarships received from sources external to the University;
  • know and comply with the policies for financial aid “Satisfactory Academic Progress Standards.”