Community Advisor, Amin Jalalzadeh, Continues to Serve His Peers

For most students at Minnesota State University, Mankato, a new school year means a new set of courses with fresh, new faces. However, for Community Advisors (CAs) in the Residential Halls, a new school year means a whole new floor of neighbors and roommates. Amin Jalalzadeh, a third year veteran CA, could not contain his excitement regarding the new group of students on his floor.

The first day Amin arrived on campus, he was welcomed to his room in Crawford Hall with a door tag sharing his name and hometown. As an international student from Iran, this door tag was a great conversation starter with the new peers on his floor. After talking to his CA at the time, Amin appreciated all the knowledge and the experiences his CA shared. In addition, Amin was meeting many international students who were having difficulties adjusting.

Amin’s experience during his first-year on campus influenced his decision to apply to become a CA.

In his third year as a CA, Amin has had a great experience serving as a CA in the Residential Halls. “I rarely go someplace on campus where I do not recognize another person,” he says. “When I do see the people I know, I am excited because it makes me think of the great memories we have shared.”

Another great aspect of being a CA is that “you are constantly learning something new because your floor has individuals with a variety of different backgrounds,” Amin says.

This year, Amin is excited for the group of individuals living on his floor because they get along well, which makes his job easier. Over move-in weekend, Amin posted a list of all the events taking place so those who are interested in partaking could do so together. For example, the Residential Hall Association hosted a volleyball tournament. There was a large showing by the residents on his floor, Amin says it was a great way for them to get to know one another.

Another aspect of Amin’s job is serving as a resource to students. During CA training, the CAs visit various offices on campus so they can learn more about the services offered by each. In turn, Amin is able to share his knowledge and refer students to a specific office that will best serve the need of the student.

Amin is working towards earning a degree in Information Technology (IT) and a minor in Manufacturing Engineering Technology (MET); he plans to continue his education and pursue a masters in IT as well. However, he will forever be grateful for the opportunity to work as a CA at Minnesota State Mankato. He had a wonderful experience and he has made many contacts that he will carry into the next chapter.

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