MSSA Senator Monica Warner is Providing New Opportunities for Students Across Campus

Monica Warner

Ever since elementary school in her hometown of Eagan, Minn., Monica Warner has known she wanted to be an educator. Warner has also been passionate about the environment and found Minnesota State Mankato to be the perfect opportunity to combine those passions. As an Elementary Education major in her junior year at the University, she cannot wait to start empowering the minds of children across the state. But before graduation comes in 2019, Warner has many things she hopes to accomplish as she continues to be a leader and an innovator on campus. As the College of Education Senator for the Minnesota State Student Association (MSSA), Student Affairs Committee coordinator, and president for the Environmental Sustainability Organization student group, Warner stays plenty busy. She enjoys giving back to the University and developing new initiatives and opportunities for students.

As a first-year member on MSSA, Warner and other members are continually proposing new ideas to better serve the University population. They have worked to keep the bussing system free for students with their MavCard with the green transportation fee. They are also working with the library on a textbook rental program that would allow students to rent general education textbooks for the semester instead of having to purchase them. Warner also works with off-campus student senators to provide nearby neighborhoods with volunteers for park cleanups.

Warner’s overall goals as the Student Affairs Committee coordinator within the senate is to help gather student-life concerns, discuss possible solutions and then bring the final decision to the larger Senate. She also continues to encourage students to start or join an Registered Student Organization (RSO) as a way to connect with others from the University and Mankato community. Her positions on MSSA allow for communication with current RSOs to find ways to continue funding student projects and ideas.

As the College of Education senator, one of Warner’s greatest achievements is the creation of “Dishin’ with the Dean.” Warner had felt that she didn’t have many opportunities to get to know Jean Haar, the Dean of the College of Education, and felt students in the major would benefit from getting advice, knowledge and learning real-life experiences from her. That is when she got the idea to create an event that would allow for informal discussion between her peers and the Dean to talk about a centralized topic related to the educational field. Dean Haar thought the idea was great, and the first “Dishin’ with the Dean.” took place at the beginning of fall semester on the topic of making connections in the University and community. Warner was delighted on the success of her first event and plans on having another one in the spring as well.

Finally, as president of the Environmental Sustainability Organization, Warner uses her passion to spread awareness of sustainability as an individual and community effort. The group’s most recent project was the Sibley Park Cleanup in September. They have workshops and speakers lined up for the year to learn how to positively impact the environment and what they can do on campus to make a difference.

Monica Warner is making contributions to students across the University everyday with her work as a MSSA member and RSO president. She continues to keep individuals connected to help better their education and overall campus experience. Although still early in the school year, Warner knows she will have many decisions to vote on that she hopes will positively impact students on a variety of levels. She looks forward to taking on the challenge of all her endeavors and feels pride in giving back to the community that has given her so much.

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