Campus Assessment, Response, and Evaluation Team


The Minnesota State Mankato CARE Team supports student success and campus safety through the following work:

  • Meets regularly to review student referrals.
  • Makes recommendations to provide caring, preventative, and early intervention to support students whose behavior is concerning, disruptive, or threatening.
  • Provides consultation for faculty and staff.
  • Provides support to those impacted by concerning behavior.
  • Reviews and consults with law enforcement on threat assessment and response procedures.

The following student behaviors may warrant a referral to the CARE Team:

  • Acts of physical aggression or other disruptive behavior
  • Marked changes in personality, weight, grooming, sleep
  • Rapid speech or delusional thinking
  • Violent, angry or hopeless themes in writing assignments
  • Threats of harm to self or others
  • Use or possession of weapons

CARE Team Membership

The CARE Team includes the following faculty and staff:

  • Nicole Stock, Interim Dean of Students and Director of Student Conduct - Co-Convener
  • Sandi Schnorenberg, Director of University Security
  • Linda Alvarez, Director of Equal Opportunity & Title IX
  • Kari Much, Director of Counseling Center
  • Torin Akey, Associate Director of Residential Life
  • Jodi Egeland, Medical Director & Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner, Student Health Services
  • Shar Jenniges, Title IX Investigation and Resolution Specialist
  • Cecelia Schaefer, Student Conduct Officer and Success Coordinator

The CARE Team meets bi-weekly throughout the academic year, and more frequently as situations require.

Reporting of Concerns

Use the University’s Refer or Report a Concern About a Person page: to submit a referral or report of a student behavior concern.

This site serves as a landing page to refer to or report a variety of concerns. Concerns and the offices that receive those referrals are as follows:

Academic Misconduct Student Affairs
Disruptive Behavior or Policy Violation Student Affairs
Care and Concern for an Individual Student Affairs
Sexual or Interpersonal Misconduct EOTIX
Discrimination or Discriminatory Harassment EOTIX
Submit a Student Complaint or Grievance Student Affairs
Report a Concern About a University Employee Human Resources
Bias Incident DEI – Bias Response Team
Student Academic Success Concern Student Success Division
Anonymous Report to University Security University Security

Concerns about employees are not shared with the CARE Team


Behavioral Consultation Team (BCT)

The Behavioral Consultation Team is a larger group representing units where faculty and staff have significant student interaction and may observe issues impeding a student’s success or issues that may become campus safety concerns. Units currently represented include:

  • Student Activities
  • Student Success
  • Accessibility Resources
  • Counseling Center
  • Residential Life
  • Student Conduct
  • University Security
  • Student Health Services
  • New Student and Family Programs
  • Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion
  • Faculty Association