Parking Citation Appeals Board

Appeals forms and parking information may be obtained from Parking Services in Weicking Center Room 222, the Cashier's Office in Wigley Adminishtration Center Room 128, the Campus Hub or on the Web.


An Appeal should be based on the fact that the violation notice was issued contrary to the Minnesota State Mankato Parking Rules and Regulations or in error. The Parking Citation Appeals Board shall adhere to all the procedures and responsibilites described herein.

Parking Citation Appeals Form


Appointed from Student Government


  • Jacob Glogowski
    Appointed by the Student Government President 9/15/21
  • Vacant
    Appointment Pending by the Student Government President

From Other Constituencies

  • Deb Sanford - Classified Employee Representative for the MMA or AFSCME Local 638
    Minnesota Management Association
  • Jodi Malecha - MSUAASF Representative
    Minnesota State University Association of Administrative and Service Faculty
  • Mary Hadley - IFO Faculty Association Representative
  • Casey Boone - MAPE Representative
    Minnesota Association of Professional Employees
  • Adam Kruger - Appeals Board Liaison serving as staff to the Board
    Ex-Officio and Non-Voting


  • 6
    Active Voting Members