Student Basic Needs Committee


Must meet at least once a month when convened by the Coordinator.


Appointed from Student Government

Four Students

  • Douglas Roberts - Coordinator
    AppointED by the Student Government President 9/7/22
  • Darlington Sehgbean
    Appointed by the Student Government President 9/7/22
  • James Ziegeweid
    Appointed by the Student Government President 9/28/22

From Other Constituencies

  • Vacant - Student or Employee
    Appointed by the Dean of Institutional Diversity
  • Vacant - Faculty Member
    Appointed by the Faculty Association Executive Committee
  • Vacant - MSU Employee
    Appointed by the Student Affairs Vice President


  • 3
    Active as of 2/8/23

According to the Bylaws - Article IV, Section 15

Student Basi Needs Committee
Bylaw as amended 4/10/19

The Student Basic Needs Committee hall be responsible for representing the interests of students experience difficultiesmeeting basic needs, such as food insecurity or housing instablity.

Subsection A

The Student Baic Needs Committee shall possess the authority to develop recommendations concerning the availability and access to basic needs, such as nutrition and shelter, for sudents of Minnesota State University, Mankato. Specific committee activities may include, but not be limited to, identifying and promoting resouces for students eperiencing food insecurity or housing instability, conducting data collection surveys, and organizing opportunities for students to paticipate in solutions-oriented projects.

Subsection B

Membership of the ocmmittee shall be open to all students, staff, faculty and community partners. Voting membershipof the committee shall considt of 7 membrs, including:

  1. Four (4) students appointed by the Student Government President, a minimum of two (2) of whom serve as Senators of the Studnet Government.
  2. One (1) faculty member appointed by the Faculty Association Executive Committee.
  3. One (1) employee appointed by the Student Affairs Vice President.
  4. One (2) member, whether student, employee, or faculty, appointed by the Dean of Institutional Diversity.

The Chair of the Student Basic Needs Committee (or appropriate designee) will report as scheduled by the Speaker, to the Senate on committee actions and provide the Speaker with any meeting minutes.