Cover Letters

The cover letter or letter of application is an introduction to the resume, generating interest on the part of the employer and leading them to want to learn more about you.  

Creating a Cover Letter

Cover letters should be tailored to each individual employer and reflect your interest in the organization or position advertised. It should be printed with no errors on paper matching your resume in a business format. Click here for instructions and more information about the structure of writing a cover letter.  

Tips to Write an Effective Cover Letter
  • Research the organization and use what you learn to address why you are qualified to work with this employer. 
  • If you have a job description with required and preferred qualifications or a job description, show how you meet the requirements.  
  • Use specific examples.
    • Instead of “I’m a people person” provide details, “During my internship in the Career Development Center, I developed and used strong counseling and customer service skills.” 
  • Avoid starting every sentence with “I”. Try and incorporate variety into your sentence structure. 
  • Cover Letters show your written communication skills. Errors in spelling and grammar are not acceptable.  
  • Keep your letter short and simple. It should not exceed more than one page.  
  • Do no use contractions.  
  • Use the same header as your resume. 

For more comprehensive information, examples, and resources check out the Job Search HandbookCover letter samples start on page 43.