I've completed my internship - what's next?

Things to do after you have completed your internship:

  • If you were taking the internship for academic credit, make sure all of your assignments are completed, and the supervisor and site evaluations are turned in.
  • Take some time to reflect on the experience, and make note of what you liked or didn't like about the job, the organization, and the field. Think about what new skills you may have learned, and what knowledge about the company and industry that you picked up. Think about how the internship may have helped you develop, and what your next steps will be. (Talk to someone at the Career Development Center)
  • Make sure to update your resume and any online professional profiles with your internship experience! Check out the sample resumes from the Job Search Handbook for examples.
  • If you had a positive experience with your supervisor and co-workers, ask about the possibility of using them as a professional reference. Even if you do not get a reference, stay in touch with the people you met as part of your professional network.
  • Look for another internship, or start your career search. Continue to capitalize on the skills gained from the internship, and continue building new skills.