Selecting a Room

Students who submit a housing application by the Priority Deadline (March 3) are eligible to select their own room.


Room Selection Handout


Students who meet the priority deadline are issued a timeslot, which is the student's assigned time to select their room in the Housing & Dining Portal.

Timeslots are generated based on the date the student completed their housing reservation. For example, someone who applies in October will have an earlier timeslot than someone who applies in November.

Use it or Lose it

Students who meet the priority deadline will receive an email from Residential Life with their exact timeslot. Each timeslot is open for one week, so a student should select a room during this time (or lose their opportunity to choose their own room).

Students who do not choose a room during their timeslot will be assigned to a room, using preferences in their housing application as a guide, however, their top preferences may no longer be available.

First-come, First-served

When timeslots open, rooms are selected on a first-come, first-served basis. For best availability, it is to a student's advantage to select a room when their timeslot opens.

If a student is not available when their timeslot opens, they have one week to select a room so they can participate when available or, if they are a member of a Roommate Group, another group member can assign them.


Students who requested Learning Community housing will select from the Renovated Doubles on the floor where their Learning Community is located. If you did not say yes to Learning Community housing on your application, you will be able to choose your own housing. Other students in the same Roommate Group will also be housed in this location.

Roommate Groups

Students who form a Roommate Group (during Roommate Matching) will receive the same timeslot. Timeslots are determined by the group member who has the earliest application date.

Any group member can select the room that the group will live in (and assign members to specific rooms). If your Roommate Group contains a member who requested Learning Community housing, your group will only see the Renovated Doubles on that Learning Community's floor.

To assign Roommate Group members to the same room/suite/apartment, follow these steps:

  1. When the timeslot opens, select all rooms within the room/suite/apartment (for example, Julia Sears 101A and 101B) and "add to cart" beneath each room. Semi-suites have a "A" side and a "B" side and apartments have a "A" room, "B" room, and "C" room. Make sure there are enough available spaces for all members of your roommate group in that room. If the room says "no roommates/suitemates assigned" it means that the entire room is open.
  2. To designate which student is living in each room, select from the dropdown menu under each roommate and choose which room they will be assigned to. When all roommates have been assigned to a room, click "Assign Beds".

We strongly advise Roommate Groups to have a back-up plan in case the room they want is no longer available when their timeslot opens. Here are some items to discuss with your Roommate Group prior to selecting a room:

  • What is our group's second choice of housing? Third? Fourth?
  • If our group needs to split up into two separate rooms, who will assign each pair?
  • If our group splits up, do we want to live near each other (on the same floor or in the same building?)

Top Room Choice Not Available

When a student's timeslot opens, they will see all available rooms and can filter their search by room type, community, floor, etc.

It's possible that the room type they want will not be available when their timeslot opens. When this happens, select from available spaces. If a room is not selected, we will make an assignment after the timeslot closes (from available spaces).

Adding yourself to a Room

If you are not in a Roommate Group, you can choose from the available room types. If a room is occupied with a person, it will show the age and smoking preference of the occupant.

Viewing your Selection after you've Picked

Details about a student's room assignment and roommate(s) will appear on the home page of the Housing & Dining Portal.

If a student doesn't currently see roommate information, it means the other space in the room is still available. We will assign a student to that space after room selection ends (May-August).

Room Change Waitlist

Students who did not get the room of their choice may participate in the room change waitlist process during the summer months. Click below for more information on this process.

room change waitlist Process