Current Students

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Residential Life Housing is for more than your first year!

Contract Renewal begins on Monday, October 30.

Step 1: Login to E-Services

Using your StarID/password, login to E-services. When you're logged in to E-services, select Housing & Dining in the left menu bar to be redirected to the Housing & Dining Portal.

Link to E-Services

Step 2: Complete Housing Application

After being redirected to the Housing & Dining Portal, select the Housing Application and complete it. Within the application, you will sign the Housing Contract, pay the $250 prepayment, and select your room for next year. 

You have until February 16, 2024 to select a room.  If you do not select a room by this date, you will be assigned to a room based on your preferences in the housing application.

Frequently Asked Questions

Requesting Roommates

If your desired roommate is a returning student, they should complete a housing application and select the same room as you (or different rooms within the same semi-suite if that's what you're going for). The other space in your room will be available to any student if it's not selected by someone you want to live with.

If your desired roommate is a new student next year, it is to their advantage to complete their housing application as soon as possible.  Both you and your desired roommate should e-mail expressing your preference to be placed together.  Include the name and StarID of both you and your desired roommate.  If we do not receive an e-mail from BOTH interested students, you will NOT be paired together.

Finding a Roommate

If you reserve housing by February 16, you will be able to participate in Roommate Matching for upperclass students if you haven't yet selected a room.

Roommate Matching takes place February 26 - March 15 for upperclass students in the Housing & Dining Portal. You will be able to see the profiles of other returning students who haven't yet selected a room.

If you make a match, both you and the other student should select open spaces in any available room. Make sure there are 2 available spaces in the room so that you can be paired together.

If you have already selected your room and have now found someone you would like to share a room with, contact our office and we can assist you in making this happen.

Changing your Room Assignment

If you have already selected a room and want to change your room assignment, call the Residential Life Office (507-389-1011).  Do NOT cancel your reservation and attempt to sign up again. The Residential Life Office is open Monday-Friday, 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Selecting a Meal Plan

You will be able to choose your meal plan in the Housing & Dining Portal beginning February 1, 2024. You have until August 15, 2024 to select a meal plan. If you do not select by that date, you will default to the AnyTime meal plan if living on main campus or the Maverick 250 Dining Dollars Plan if living at Stadium Heights.

Meal Plans