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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato

Website Technology Training

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The University Website Upgrade Project has several steps:

  1. Content assessment: department web editors facilitate a review of the content of their websites. Some will be deleted, some will be modified, and some will be transitioned 'as is.'
  2. Navigation review: department staff will reconsider their department's website navigation in light of the best practices guidelines and all changes they make to their content.
  3. Navigation setup: department web editors will submit their proposed navigation to the website project coaches. When all issues are resolved, the navigation will be uploaded to the website planning tool.
  4. Toolset permissions: department website editors will receive permission to access the website planning tool.
  5. Content transition: once content and navigation decisions have been made, department web editors will create/move their site content into the page templates in the website planning tool. 
  6. Final content review: assess the effectiveness of content and navigation to meet audience and department goals.

While each University department is working on its website content transition, IT Solutions and Integrated Marketing staff will be working with consultants to create the new website where all our content will be sent once all our content has been reviewed and transitioned to the website planning tool.

  1. Website content transition review: once content has transitioned from the website planning tool to the new website, department web editors will review layout and make final adjustments.
  2. Website launch: the final deployment of the new website will occur when all the departments in your larger college or division website have completed their web content transition work.