University Resources for Non-Traditional Students

Team members in Student Activities are available to help prospective and current non-traditional students navigate the University. While we are not experts in all areas of campus, we are happy to be the "middle person" when it would be helpful. 

If you need guidance on anything related to the University, please send us an email or stop by CSU 173, and a member of our team will support you in getting the answers you need most.

Here's a list of some of the most popular resources for non-traditional students at our home campus in Mankato. 

If you know you’ll be purchasing food while on campus, we recommend purchasing an off-campus meal plan to save money, since meal plans are not subject to sales tax.

University Dining Services offers two options for off-campus students, including a Voluntary Meal Plan option or Dining Dollar Plan option.

  • Voluntary Meal Plans include a set number of meals for the University Dining Center and a certain amount of Dining Dollars to be used at any University Dining Services Location.
  • Dining Dollar Plans provide dining dollars to use at any University Dining Services Location, without the meals at the University Dining Center.

Each option has multiple sizes, so you can easily customize a plan to fit your needs!

Check out the University Dining Services Website for more information and to purchase a meal plan.

07 Centennial Student Union

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Almost 80% of MSU, Mankato students live off-campus. Off-Campus Housing provides a variety of resources for students who are living off-campus and for those who are considering it. Off-Campus Housing provides the following resources:

  • Searchable Database for off-campus housing availability
  • Assistance finding a sublease or roommate
  • Off-Campus Housing Fairs (held throughout the year in the Centennial Student Union)
  • Off-Campus Roommate Conflict Mediation
  • Legal referrals for housing issues
  • Information regarding city policies and landlord/tenant responsibilities
  • Referrals to off-campus housing resources

More information on off-campus housing can be found online or by stopping into the Student Activities Office (CSU 173).

173 Centennial Student Union

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Almost all parking at MSU, Mankato is permit enforced. MSU, Mankato offers a variety of permit types for students, with different price points and different locations to meet student needs. Free parking is very limited, and typically fills up before 8 AM.  As a result, it is recommended that students who plan on driving to campus purchase a parking permit so they are guaranteed a place to park.

Students who live off-campus are eligible to purchase the following permit types:

  • Gold Permit
  • Purple Permit
  • Nighttime Purple Permit
  • Nighttime Gold Permit (Must have at least a purple or orange permit)
  • Orange Permit
  • Blue Permit (ADA-Accessible)
  • Silver Permit (Motorcycle/Scooter)

For the most updated pricing and availability, visit the parking website.

358 Wiecking Center

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Use of the Mankato/North Mankato Bus system is free for all enrolled MSU, Mankato students. Simply show your mavcard to ride! MSU, Mankato also offers a free campus shuttle throughout the day to bring students around campus.

For more information regarding routes, visit the parking and transportation services website.

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Your MavCard is your student ID; every student should receive their MavCard during orientation. Your Mavcard is a valuable tool that allows you to access many of the resources and amenities offered by MSU, Mankato. Some of its uses include:

  • University dining services card (Meal Plan)
  • Library Card
  • Athletic Game Access Card
  • Campus Recreation Center Access Card
  • Student Activities Access Card
  • Bus Pass (Mankato Area)
  • Vending Card (on Campus)
  • Photocopy Card (on Campus)
  • Door Access Card (on campus; residential life)
  • Optional - ATM/Debit Card (must be connected to a Wells Fargo account)

It’s important to make sure that you have your MavCard; for security reasons, it is important to report a lost/stolen card as soon as possible.

If your MavCard has been lost or damaged (bent, broken, hole punched in it, warped from heat, used as an ice scraper, chewed by a pet, etc.) and you need to replace it, there will be a $15 fee. However, if your mavcard has been found to be defective, it can be replaced at no cost.

117 Centennial Student Union

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Student Government provides a licensed practicing attorney through funding from student activity fees. All students at MSU, Mankato are eligible to receive free legal advice from the Student’s Attorney. The Student's Attorney advises and provides guidance for students at MSU, Mankato a part-time basis. The Student’s Attorney can provide assistance with the following legal issues:

  • Housing: Deposits, Leases, and Housing Conditions (for roommate conflict issues, visit  Student Attorneys do not mediate roommate conflicts.)
  • Violations: felony, misdemeanor, or traffic
  • Employment: wages, workplace-related injuries, unemployment, or termination
  • Family: divorce, paternity, custody, wills, or name changes
  • Injury of non-contract nature (negligent or intentional): assault, car accident, slander

Appointments are necessary and can be made through the Student Government Office Manager, Amber Enz (email or call 507-389-2611). Please do not contact the Knutson-Casey Law Firm, directly.  Drop-ins are not preferred because schedules are usually full. Student Attorney consultations are not scheduled during the summer months.

CSU 280

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Whether you are preparing for your overall academic journey or for your next semester of classes, working with an academic advisor can help you begin to develop your own recipe for success.

Academic Advising is an important partnership between a student and their advisor. All successful advising relationships include careful planning, authentic communication, and personal responsibility.

Academic advising is generally handled by the college and department of a student’s major. Each of the colleges has a Student Relations Coordinator to assist students in this regard. Undecided students also have a Student Relations Coordinator to assist them with advising, registration, and the major selection process.

The Academic Advising website has a variety of useful tools, links, and information to help you with academic advising and course registration.

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The Registrar’s Office oversees a variety of degree-related services, including transfer credit evaluations, grade processing, transcript requests, applying for graduation, and the registration help desk.

The registration help desk is available to assist students who are having difficulty with the course registration process; this includes adding classes, dropping classes, and withdrawing from classes via e-services.  The registration help desk does not provide recommendations on classes to take; they simply assist with errors that students may encounter during the registration process. Students looking for course recommendations should work with their academic advisor.

132 Wigley Administration

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The primary objective of the Career Development Center is to provide services and resources which assist students and graduates with career planning and the search for employment. This includes a comprehensive range of services including:

  • Career Counseling
  • Major Selection
  • Finding part-time employment and internships
  • Resume and Cover-Letter Writing
  • Networking Opportunities
  • Interview Preparation
  • Finding and Enrolling in Graduate Programs
  • Full-time Job Search Support and Guidance.

The Career Development Center offers individual appointments, Quick Stop walk-in hours, and a variety of online resources for students. To learn more, visit their website or stop into their office!

209 Wigley Administration

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The Center for Academic Success provides free tutoring for all MSU, Mankato Students. Trained tutors are available to assist students with writing, languages, math, science, and more.

In addition to tutoring services, the Center for Academic Success’s Writing Center offers online tutoring for distance learners and non-traditional students who may be unable to use our on-campus services. The Online Writing center offers evening and weekend hours to fit your schedule!

Visit the Center, located in the lower level of the library, and learn how you can improve your study habits, acquire more effective academic skills, and achieve better grades.

Memorial Library 116

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The library at MSU, Mankato houses approximately 1.3 million items. Beyond its immense catalog, the library offers a variety of services to support MSU, Mankato Students, including:

  • Open over 100 hours per week during regular semesters
  • Internet access, productivity software and printing from over 300 computers
  • Research assistance for off-campus and distance education students via chat, phone and email
  • Interlibrary Loan (ILL) for the campus community
  • Document delivery services available for students, faculty and staff outside the greater Mankato area
  • Group study rooms, quiet study rooms, individual study carrels, and open reading/work areas
  • Assistive technologies including text adjustable and height-adjustable workstations
  • Multimedia equipment checkout including laptops, cameras, and projectors
  • Tours and Library orientation sessions
  • Copy Shop (University Printing Services) with copy machines, postage stamps, fax and change machine
  • TelePresence Video Conference room

To learn more about the library’s services and to start accessing the library’s resources, visit their website.

Circulation Desk: 507-389-5931
Library Hours Hotline: 507-389-6201

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IT Solutions offers a variety of technology-related resources for MSU, Mankato Students, including:

  • Technology Training
  • Hardware Repair
  • Software Support for the following:
    • Office 365
    • Mavmail
    • D2L Brightspace
    • StarID
    • Mavprint
    • Free downloads of Microsoft Office ProPlus 365 for currently enrolled students on both work and personal devices (up to 5 copies)
    • Access to computer labs throughout MSU, Mankato

Students can request support from IT Solutions by submitting a ticket online, via email, via telephone, or by stopping into the IT Solutions Center. During the fall and spring semesters, IT Solutions also offers a kiosk on the first floor of Wigley Administration for students who may need technical support. For students who are distance learners, IT Solutions Staff can use remote access (with your consent) to provide additional support.

121 Wissink Hall (ACC)

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Most Minnesota State Mankato students depend on federal, state and/or private funding assistance to finance their college education. The staff in Student Financial Services are committed to providing valuable information about financial aid programs and processes to ensure each student has access to the maximum available funds. The financial services specialists at the Campus Hub are available to answer questions and connect students with additional advising assistance if needed.

Appointments are required to meet with a financial aid advisor, however the Campus Hub is available to assist with walk-up questions. Additional resources and information regarding financial aid, billing, and more can be found on the Student Financial Services Website.

117 Centennial Student Union

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Minnesota State University, Mankato is fortunate to have generous individuals who donate to scholarship funds. The purpose of the scholarships is to assist undergraduate students in meeting the cost of attendance at Minnesota State University, Mankato.

The Scholarship Finder Tool is a central location where students can search for scholarship opportunities and easily apply for scholarships. Most applications for scholarships open on November 1 and close on March 1, however it is important to verify as some deadlines will be different.

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Minnesota State University, Mankato, through a partnership with Great Lakes Higher Education Corporation, offers a new Emergency Grant Program to current students.

Do not let an unexpected car repair or a medical bill mean the end of your college career. These small grants may help you stay in school and on track for degree completion. For more information, visit the Emergency Grant website.

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The Women's Center is a place you can come to find resources for student parents. There is a couch, computers, a microwave, and refrigerator available for use. Everyone is welcome to come hang out and enjoy our relaxing atmosphere.

The Lactation Station is located in the women's bathroom across from the Women's Center (CSU 218). This is open to all women-identified students on campus! If you don't identify as a woman and need a place to pump or express milk, please contact the Women's Center.

If you need a place to refrigerate your breast milk, you can store it in the refrigerator in the Women's Center during our business hours.

Additionally, the Women’s Center offers scholarship opportunities for student parents! Visit their website to learn more.

Centennial Student Union 218

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The mission of the Veterans Resource Center at Minnesota State University is to provide assistance, peer support, and educational events for all students impacted by military service.  Veterans, current military members, and military family members are encouraged to visit us for personalized information about both on and off campus resources available to meet their unique needs.

The Veterans Resource Center can provide information and referrals regarding:

  • Educational benefits and scholarships
  • Veterans' employment help and unemployment benefits
  • Medical benefits
  • Mental health resources
  • Family assistance services
  • Service-connected disability claims
  • Post-deployment transition issues
  • Veterans' rights regarding residency status, payment extensions, military transfer credits, and accommodations for deployments

In addition to providing assistance, the Veterans Resource Center is a comfortable, relaxing space where veterans, military members, and their families can grab a cup of coffee, share stories and support, or get some homework done. Stop by and meet some new friends!

Centennial Student Union 167

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Accessibility Resources works with students who have a disability to provide accommodations that ensure students living with disabilities have equal access to all opportunities at MSU, Mankato. In addition, Accessibility Resources provides support for students who become temporarily disabled or ill for periods longer than two weeks.

With supporting documentation, students may be eligible for accommodations routinely provided through Accessibility Resources including:

  • Notetaking
  • Text in alternative format
  • Alternative testing
  • Sign language interpreting
  • Early registration
  • Assistive technology

Students with disabilities are encouraged to schedule an appointment with Accessibility Resources to discuss their needs and access services. For additional information, visit the Accessibility Resources website.

132 Memorial Library

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Quality and affordable health care is never far away at Minnesota State University, Mankato, and it’s available to every student! An accredited on-site medical clinic with a full-service pharmacy, lab services and health education are all part of Student Health Services. Appointments can be scheduled with physicians and nurse practitioners.

Clinic Services include:

-          Treatment of illness and injury (primary care)

-          Diagnostic Laboratory

-          Pharmacy (dispenses prescriptions and over-the-counter medications and supplies)

-          Sports Medicine

-          Women’s Health (pelvic exams, pap smears, breast exams, contraceptives, and more)

-          SAME Exams

-          STI Diagnosis and Treatment

-          Mental Healthcare

-          Immunizations

-          Travel Abroad Consults

Student Health Services will provide discounted services to all currently enrolled students, regardless of insurance coverage. Students who were enrolled the previous term are eligible to use Student Health Services (even if they are not currently enrolled), but will not receive the registered student discount). Eligibility does not extend to spouses, life-partners, family members, children, etc., unless they are also enrolled students.

Appointments can be made by calling or visiting the Student Health Services website. Non-emergency walk-ins are available on a limited basis.

21 Carkoski Commons
Medical Clinic: 507-389-6276
Nurse Line: 507-389-6710
Pharmacy: 507-389-2483

Visit Their Website  Book an Appointment

The Counseling Center offers free, private, and confidential counseling to all enrolled MSU, Mankato Students.

Counseling can be beneficial in many ways, including helping you explore your feelings, beliefs, or behaviors, work through challenging situations, identify aspects you would like to change, better understand yourself and others, set personal goals, and work toward desired change.

The Counseling Center offers both individual and group counseling sessions to meet a variety of needs. Additionally, the Counseling Center offers a variety of psycho-educational classes and online resources for students.

Students who wish to participate in individual counseling will need to complete brief paperwork before being scheduled for an initial consultation. Students who are interested in group will need to complete an initial consultation and attend a group orientation appointment to make sure group is a good fit for their needs.  

Please stop by the Counseling Center in CSU 285 or call 507-389-1455 to learn more.

285 Centennial Student Union

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Campus Recreation offers recreation, education, and leisure opportunities that promote fitness and wellness in the MSU, Mankato Community.

  • Fitness Center: Weight Room, Walking/Jogging Track, “TechRec” Cardio Area
  • Indoor and Outdoor Climbing Walls
  • Group Fitness Classes
  • Highland Center Pool
  • Disc Golf Course
  • Equipment Checkout
  • Locker Rentals*

The programs and resources offered by Campus Recreation are free for MSU Mankato Students; paid memberships are available for spouses. Children are allowed to join only during select “family open times;” check the campus rec website for more information.

*Lockers can be reserved for free in Highland North; locks must be provided by the individual. Otto Recreation Center lockers can be checked out for free on a daily basis or rented for a low cost on a semester, academic year, or annual basis. Campus Recreation provides the combination lock for rented lockers

118 Myers Field House

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