Student Alternative Testing Agreement

Accessibility Resources works with faculty and students to provide an accessible testing environment for students with disabilities. Accessibility Resources understands the academic rigors and safety measures that University instructors undertake in preparing and administering their exams.

Students with Alternative Testing in a reduced distraction space or private room have the choice of taking their tests in Accessibility Resources' testing center. To uphold a secure testing environment and manage an efficient alternative testing system, we have developed the following standards and procedures which we expect students to adhere to: 

  • All test materials, including calculators, formula sheets, etc., will be checked before the start of the exam to ensure that they conform to the faculty’s directions.
  • Once testing begins, restroom use is discouraged. Students who need to use the restroom will be escorted by Accessibility Resources staff and time will not be paused.
  • Cell phones, smart watches, student backpacks, hats, bags, audio devices, etc. are not permitted in the testing room. Cell phones will be kept outside the testing room while the exam is in progress.
  • Food and drink are prohibited from the testing center. This includes chewing gum. There are water bottles provided in the front office for you to take. 
  • Laptop computers must be explicitly allowed by the instructor for use during an exam.
  • Exceptions to the above conditions are only granted in cases where the student's accommodation plan specifies otherwise. Examples include, but are not limited to, accommodations for glucose monitoring devices, walk breaks, or food/drink in the testing room.
  • Accessibility Resources staff will dismiss any student observed utilizing any unauthorized resource or involved in other inappropriate test behavior at any time during an exam. Any suspected evidence of inappropriate testing behavior will be documented and reported to the appropriate faculty.
  • Consider your request to be an appointment to arrive to at a timely manner. If you are more than 30 minutes late, your appointment will be marked as no-show and you will need to make an arrangement with your instructor if rescheduling is allowed. If something comes up that may impact your arrival time, please call 507-389-2825 or email to alert AR staff.

Please note, there is a sign-in sheet on the Graduate student desk in the front office area.  We ask that you sign in, show your photo ID, and follow the other check-in processes so we know that you are well-informed and following the instructions.  This also serves as acceptance of the terms.

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