Tuition Refund Appeal

Appeals are intended for rare circumstances where extenuating circumstances prevented the student from completing a course.

Filing Deadline

Tuition Refund Appeal forms must be received no later than one year from the last day of the semester on the appeal.


Before dropping/withdrawing and filing a Tuition Refund Appeal, you should meet with an advisor to discuss options, including but not limited to receiving an incomplete instead of dropping/withdrawing from course(s). If you decide to proceed, then see next section.

The Process

  1. Drop/withdraw from course(s)
  2. Contact the Campus Hub to discuss your situation and to access the form
  3. Complete the form with your information and course description(s)
  4. Attach all required documentation (see below) and fully describe the circumstances that led you to drop/withdraw from the course(s)
  5. Decision of your appeal will be emailed to you within approximately three to four weeks
  6. If approved, the calculated decrease in charges will be updated to your student account
  7. If there is a credit balance it will be applied to your other charges first then any remaining credit will be refunded; please allow an additional two weeks for refund processing
  8. Note: If your tuition refund appeal is approved, the 'W' grade(s) for dropping/withdrawing from the course(s) will remain on your academic record.

Required Documentation

  1. Death- A death certificate would be required for death of immediate family member such as parents, children or spouse.
  2. Military- Active military orders would be required in the case of military appeals
  3. Instructors non-attendance confirmation, when relevant to the appeal request (non-attendance does not typically relinquish financial liability, but in some circumstances this information may be required to complete the appeal review). The instructor(s) may send email confirmation of your non-attendance to you or directly to the Student Financial Services Director.
  4. Medical - A letter or document from a medical provider documenting the condition/diagnosis and date(s) of service or hospitalization.