• Request your Segal AmeriCorps Education Award payment for one semester at a time through the My AmeriCorps site.
  • Student Financial Services will review the request when received from AmeriCorps, usually within five business days after it has been submitted.
  • AmeriCorps will notify you if your payment request has been accepted or declined.
  • Funds are applied to your University account when received, usually within two weeks after Student Financial Services has completed its review. If your account balance is less than the AmeriCorps payment, you will receive a payment via direct deposit (or by check, if not enrolled in direct deposit).
  • AmeriCorps funds for each semester are received in two disbursements, once at the beginning and once at the midpoint of the semester.
  • Keep semester due dates in mind and submit your forms early enough to avoid late fees and other penalties that may result from having a past due account.