College of Allied Health and Nursing Internship Coordinators

The Following is the Internship Coordinators for the College of Allied Health and Nursing:

Alcohol & Drug Studies Internship

Dr. Jennifer Londgren
Office: Highland Center North 213
Phone: 507-389-5937

Applied Health Science: Applied Health Science Internship

Dr. Emily Forsyth
Office: Highland Center North 167
Phone: 507-389-5938 

Athletic Training: Clinical Experience

Dr. Theresa Mackey
Office: Highland Center 1220
Phone: 507-389-1355

Dr. Patrick Sexton
Office: Highland Center 1222
Phone: 507-389-2092

Child Development and Family Studies

Dr. Heather Von Bank
Office: Wiecking Center B102
Phone: 507-389-5915

Dr. Daniel Moen
Office: Wiecking Center B-132

Communication Disorders: Clinical Practicum, Internship

Kristin Berndt
Office: CSB 118
Phone: 507-389-6298 

Consumer Studies

Dr. Jae Min Lee
Office: Wiecking Center B-131
Phone: 507-389-5926

Dental Hygiene: Clinical

All Dental Hygiene Faculty; Contact your ADVISOR
Office: 120 Clinical Sciences Building
Phone: 507-389-1313

Dietetics: Internship, Clinical

Dr. Molly Timlin 
Office: Wiecking Center B-118
Phone: 507-389-6016

Exercise Science

Dr. Jessica Albers
Office: Highland Center North 1170
Phone: 507-389-1471

Family Consumer Science Education

Dr. Jill Conlon
Office: Wiecking Center B-116
Phone: 507-389-5924

Foods and Nutrition

Dr. David Bissonnette
Office: Wiecking Center B107
Phone: 507-389-5927

Leisure Planning and Management

Dr. Brooke Burk
Office: Highland North 209
Phone: 507-389-5930

Dr. Kristi Montandon
Office: Highland North 210
Phone: 507-389-5320

Dr. Rachelle Fuller
Office: Highland North 211
Phone: 507-389-2364


Dr. Patricia Young or contact School of Nursing Office
Office: Wissink Hall 360
Phone: 507-389-6022

Physical Education Teacher/ Developmental Adapted Coordinator

Dr. Susan Tarr
Office: Highland North 171
Phone: 507-389-2626

Rehabilitation Counseling

Dr. Andrew Phemister
Office: 338 Clinical Sciences Building
Phone: 507-389-1005

Resource Management

Dr. Rachelle Fuller
Office: Highland North 211
Phone: 507-389-2364

Dr. Jonathan Hicks
Office: Highland North 211
Phone: 507-389-2747

Social Work BSSW Field Education Director

Dr. Laura Benesch
Office: Wissink Hall 337
Phone: 507-389-1253

Social Work MSW Field Education Director: To be determined

Interim Point of Contacts for MSW Field Education
Contact BSSW Field Education Director: Dr. Laura Benesch (refer to: Social Work BSSW Field Education Director)
Dr. Kimberly Zammit
Office: Wissink Hall 342
Phone: 507-389-1219

Sport Management

Dr. Suzannah Armentrout
Office: Highland Center North 172
Phone: 507-389-5688

Therapeutic Recreation

Dr. James Wise
Office: Highland North 179 
Phone: 507-389-2128