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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato

Using Drop Boxes with Windows

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How to put files in staff dropboxes using Windows

When putting files/folders/information into a staff member's dropbox, you must have a drive mapped or connect from the ACC. For more information on these methods see MavDISK.

NOTE: You cannot use WebDAV to drop information into faculty dropboxes. For off-campus dropbox submissions see

  1. Once connected, double-click the "All Users.LNK" icon.
    MSU on MavDISK
  2. Double-click "Faculty & Staff"
    Faculty and Staff folder
  3. Double-click "Drop Boxes"
    Drop Boxes
  4. Click the letter corresponding to the staff person's last name.
    M Staff Folder
  5. Drag and drop files from their location onto the folder name. Attempting to open the folder will cause an error to occur unless you are the staff member of your choice. Dropping files and folders on the folder name copies the information into that folder. Once information has been dropped onto the folder, it is locked away until the staff member opens the folder and retrieves the files.

Retrieving files from your dropbox with Windows

When retrieving files/folders/information from a staff member's dropbox you must have a drive mapped or connect from the ACC. For more information on these methods see MavDISK

NOTE: You cannot use WebDAV to get information from faculty dropboxes.

  1. Once connected, double-click the "Drop_Box.LNK" icon.
    dropbox folder
  2. Select the files or folders that you want to move from your dropbox. Right click on the selected items and click "Cut". Double-click on "My_Private_Files.LNK" and right click in the window and click "Paste"
    my private file folder

General dropbox information

Additional Questions

Q: Does the files and folders put in my drop box count against my quota?
A: No. MavDISK was designed so that the dropbox folders would not be held against the user's quota of 100 MB.
Q: Why can't a student drop files into my dropbox from off-campus (this includes the dorms)?
A: Currently, the only two connection methods for off-campus users are Secure Shell and WebDAV. These protocols only allow access to your folder. To allow off-campus access to write-only area threatens information security on the server. In the future, when VPN and Proxy connections are available for the Minnesota State University, Mankato community, you will be able to connect by mapping drives and volumes, allowing dropbox and temporary space use.
Q: How do I get notified if files have been put in my dropbox?
A: An email notification will be sent daily if files are present in the staff member's dropbox.
Q: Why don't students have dropboxes?
A: Due to the overhead for supporting the dropbox feature, we were only able to provide it for staff members.
Q: How do I delete a file that was dropped into my teacher's dropbox?
A: You don't. Dropboxes ONLY allow the staff member to read and delete information from the folder. Everyone else can only write.
Q: I get an error that the file already exists. Does this mean my file is in the dropbox?
A: When dropping files in the dropbox, make sure it has an unique name. Consult your instructor about naming guidelines.
Q: Can someone overwrite a file I have placed in a dropbox?
A: No. That requires change access to the folder, which only the owner has permission to do.

Questions on dropboxes can be emailed to the or call 507-389-6654 Monday through Friday.