Automated External Defibrillator (AED) Locations

University Security provides and maintains Automated External Defibrillators (AED) that are found around campus. 

Building Location Accessibility
Centennial Student Union (CSU)

1st floor-near Ostrander Auditorium

2nd floor-near southeast Ballroom



Clinical Science Building (CSB) 1st floor- south (main) entrance Public
Dining Center Near east (main) entrance Public
Julia Sears Residence Community (JS) 1st floor-in lobby, near mailboxes Public
Preska Residence Community (PS) 1st floor-in lobby, next to 126 Public
Crawford Residence Community (CR) 1st floor-in lobby, near restrooms Public
McElroy Residence Community (MC) 1st floor-in lobby, near restrooms Public
Highland Center (HC)

1st floor- near HC1500 (pool)

2nd floor-Otto Rec. top of NW stairwell


Highland North (HN)

1st floor- near Schellberg Gym

2nd floor- Near HN225 (Dance Studio)


Memorial Library (ML)

Main floor-Circulation Desk


Myers Field House (MF)

Near MF129 (conference room)

Near rock climbing wall (SE corner)


Pennington Hall (PH) Near PH110 Public
Performing Arts (PA) Main floor-near PA245 (Ted Paul Theatre) Public
Sports Dome

Main building lobby


Taylor Center (TC)

Concourse Level- near TC122 (Admissions Office)

Lower Level- near TC065 (Wrestling Room)


Trafton Science Center Trafton Center- near TRC100. Public
Athletic West Building Southwest corner-lot 1 Public & Seasonal
Outdoor Climbing Wall South of lot 1 Nonpublic & Seasonal
Wiecking Center 

Near Construction Management (WC 302) 



Highland Center HC1200-Athletic Training Room Nonpublic
Taylor Center TC002-Athletic Training Room Nonpublic
Clinical Sciences Building CSB128- Dental Clinic Nonpublic
Wiecking Center The Children's House Nonpublic
Mayo Clinic Health System Event Center Athletic Training Nonpublic

Security & Student Health Services