Lost and Found

University Security is the main Lost and Found site for the university. To check on a lost and found item stop into the office at Wiecking Center Room 222 or call 507-389-2111 during regular business hours, Monday-Friday, 8am - 4:30pm. Summer hours are 7:30am - 4pm.

There are 19 lost and found satellite sites throughout the campus. The found items turned in at those locations are picked up by Security staff weekly.

Exception: State or dorm keys or valuables (purses, wallets, checkbooks, valuable jewelry, etc.) are retrieved by Security upon notification from the satellite sites.


The Lost and Found Division must forward State or Residence Hall Keys and MavCARDs to the following:

  • State keys to the Key Room (WC222), Ext. 2111 (Contact ASAP and ask for the Key Room)
  • Residence Hall keys to the Res Life Office (CC111), Ext. 1011
  • MavCARDs (except in a wallet, purse, etc.) to the MavCARD Office (SU117), Ext. 1707

An attempt is made to notify the found property's "possible owners" (listed name, phone number, email, or address on/in item).

To Claim an Item:

  • Stop by in person at the Security Office or one of the satellite locations.
  • Accurately describe the item(s).
  • Provide picture identification upon claiming.
  • Sign for receipt.

To Report a Lost Item:

City of Mankato Bus Company
501 S. Victory Drive
Mankato, MN