Area Access

University Security utilizes a new system for authorizing building and room access. Departments can submit an Area Access Authorization form listing anyone that should be allowed access to their areas. Once the form is completed email it to Access request will be granted or denied within the next business day.

area access with multiple students/areas

Area Access Authorization Form

area access for one student/area only

 area access authorization form

Best practices for departments

It is the responsibility of the department office to admit students to the department's controlled spaces during business hours. Departments are encouraged to keep a master list of those authorized, so they can refer to the list when providing access during business hours.

You can send the master list to University Security each time you add or remove access for a student. Be sure to make it clear which individuals are new to the list. For example, you could use a different color font, or highlight cells of new individuals to your master list when sending it to University Security.

After business hours all students that have be granted afterhours access call University Security 507-389-2111. Advise students that they will be required to provide their MavCard before being admitted to the space.

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