100% Online Learner Request

Request for “100% Online Learner” Status

Undergraduate Non-resident students enrolled exclusively in online courses at Minnesota State University, Mankato for an academic term, who are not residents of Minnesota, Manitoba, Nebraska, Missouri, Kansas, Indiana & Ohio Residents (Midwest Compact), North Dakota, South Dakota, or Wisconsin, may request 100% online learner status to qualify for tuition charges equal to current Minnesota Resident rate.

Register for Classes First

Once course registration for the semester has been completed, the request may be submitted (or resubmitted) for processing. Requests submitted before course registration has occurred will be voided.

Request Deadline

  • Requests must be submitted no later than the last day of the academic term of the online course(s).

Online Learner Request Form

I understand that my enrollment status as a 100% online learner is subject to audit/verification each term.
I understand that if I enroll in any non-online courses I will be charged tuition based on my legal state of residency for all registered courses, which may be a higher rate than the 100% online learner tuition rate