S1E1: Phishing and Patching

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In this first episode of the CyberAware Podcast, our hosts, Raj and Sherwin, delve into the world of cybersecurity to uncover the basics of phishing and patching – two of the Four P’s of cybersecurity. Dr. Veltsos, a professor in Computer Information Science at Minnesota State University, Mankato, joins Sherwin and Raj to discuss phishing attacks in the current COVID-19 climate. They share helpful tips on how to spot phishing messages, how to avoid falling victim to them, and how to report them. Dr. Veltsos also answers cybersecurity questions frequently asked by students and staff and shares his best advice on how to get involved with cybersecurity in everyday life.

During the second half of the podcast, the group discusses the importance of patching your devices, or keeping software and firmware up to date. Sherwin, Raj, and Dr. Veltsos address how updating devices on a regular basis can help increase security and reduce the risk of a cyberattack. Lastly, helpful tips on staying safe while working and learning from home, including how to be secure while using remote desktop capabilities and how to avoid Zoom-bombing, are shared. The group wraps up the podcast with a final discussion on how the transition to online learning has affected students and professors.

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Resources From Dr. Veltsos

Domain Name Service (DNS) is like a phone book for the internet, linking millions of website names to their corresponding address. Your internet service provider usually will provide a default DNS for you, Open DNS differs by providing the same fundamental service with some special features to promote security and privacy.

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