S1E7: Cybersecurity Tools and Operating Systems

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In this episode of the CyberAware Podcast, host Sherwin discusses with guest speaker Joey Kleinow the topic of cybersecurity tools and operating systems. Joey is an upcoming graduate majoring in computer information technology at Minnesota State University, Mankato and is currently employed as a cybersecurity analyst.

They discuss some of the top cybersecurity tools used in the industry, including firewalls, which are the first layer of protection and help to prevent invasion early on. They discuss related classes available at Minnesota State Mankato for those interested in the field. Joey moves on to elaborate more on tools and projects that are critical to land you a job in the cybersecurity field, like Linux and Wireshark.

Joey also describes his college experience and shares how his early interest in consoles and games were the first steps towards picking cybersecurity as a career. He moves on to discuss misconceptions about cybersecurity, emphasizing that cybersecurity concepts should not be used for illegal activities like pirating copyrighted content. Instead of money, a career in cybersecurity should be motivated by passion for the field.

Lastly, they take a more in depth look at Linux and Joey illustrates his favorite features, like how smooth and efficient it is, how downloading and installing applications is easy, and more. They end with a discussion about user interfaces, system bloatware, and other features that differentiate operating systems from each other.

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