S1E3: COVID-19 and Learning Remotely

(Episode 3, click to listen above)


In this episode of the CyberAware Podcast, our hosts, Raj and Sherwin, discuss cybersecurity awareness during COVID-19. Mike Hedlund, the President of the Information Security Student Organization (ISSO) at Minnesota State University, Mankato, joins Sherwin and Raj to share his thoughts on vulnerabilities that have heightened due to COVID-19. Together, they delve into the topics of browser extensions, phishing and scams related to COVID-19, and the recent transition to online working, teaching, and learning. Mike shares his personal experiences and gives advice on how to keep up with work and school online.

In the second half of the podcast, the group shares their thoughts on certifications in the information security industry. They also chat about ISSO’s experience at the 2020 Collegiate Cyber Defense Competition in Alexandria, Minnesota. Mike shares his team’s experience in competing in the hypothetical scenario to correct vulnerabilities in systems at risk of being breached. The group wraps up the podcast with a quick discussion on ISSO’s future ideas for hosting information security events, like hackathons, and how COVID-19 has affected their plans.