S1E9, Quick Tips: Multi-Factor Authentication & How to Enable it on Office 365

(Quick Tips: Multi-Factor Authentication & How to Enable it on Office 365, click above to listen)


In this short Quick Tips episode, Sherwin and Raj elaborate on multi-factor authentication, how it works, and how to enable it on your University Microsoft Office 365 account for extra security.

Multi-factor authentication is a powerful security tool that creates layered protection by requiring users to sign in using more than one verification method, which helps prevent cybercriminals from gaining access to your personal information. Different ways to authenticate may include an authenticator app, a text message, a code generator, or even a call on your phone. Raj explains his preferences when it comes to multi-factor authentication and also recounts a personal story about a time when multi-factor authentication saved his account from a breach! Sherwin and Raj both highly recommend using multi-factor authentication on all your accounts, especially with the increase in remote working and learning.

Multi-factor authentication is available for your University Office 365 account, including all related apps like Outlook, OneDrive, and more. Extra security is just a click away! Follow our easy set-up instructions, which include helpful images to guide you through the process.

enable Multi-Factor Authentication for Office 365