S1E11, Quick Tips: Media Piracy and Copyright

(Quick Tips: Media Piracy and Copyright, click above to listen)


In this short Quick Tips episode, hosts Sherwin and Raj give insights into copyright and media piracy, and what not to do regarding them. They discuss the dangers of downloading torrents, which contain details of files that are distributed among a sharing network. You should never download or share torrents because it involves copyright violation, which is a very serious matter and can have strict consequences. Secondly, torrent files contain malware, which can be unknowingly transferred from your device to other users on the same network – especially when using remote access tools like MavLABS. This can pose a very severe threat to the University’s cybersecurity, and your own.

Sherwin also gives an overview of copyright violations, which include media piracy and any other instance in which someone uses copyrighted materials – or any intellectual property – without permission. They warn that copyright violations also include the public sharing of content that is not deemed to be shared or distributed, and advise to never engage in sharing copyrighted materials. Raj and Sherwin end the conversation with a reminder that the University is notified of copyright violations, and they again restate the serious legal repercussions associated.