S1E8, Quick Tips: Five Clever Hints to Stay Cybersafe

(Quick Tips: Five Clever Hints to Stay Cybersafe, click above to listen)


In this short, Quick Tips episode, Sherwin and Raj share five simple ways to stay cybersafe. They delve into the Four P’s of Cybersecurity, starting with the topic of phishing emails. They explain how to spot them and what to avoid in order to keep yourself and your information safe. They also touch on passwords, giving important tips such as using the appropriate character length and variety as well as how to maximize security of accounts by keeping usernames and passwords unique for each. Next, the duo discusses patching, which is all about keeping your devices and software up to date. They give suggestions on how to keep up with security patches in order to defend against malware. They also share a combination of important steps that can be implemented to further protect your devices, such as logging out after use, being aware of shoulder surfing, avoiding public Wi-Fi, and more. Lastly, Raj and Sherwin cover a variety of useful resources that are available on the CyberAware website to help you stay safe.